2019-06-20: Girlfriend and I.

2019-06-25: Blackbird and new HJC CL-17 helmet with gold face shield.


Zeph and my XX at Moto Market, 2006.

With two Givi bags, May 2006

With three Givi bags, May 2006

My XX on the side of a mountain road in NH, 2006.

My XX at an abandoned rest stop, 2006.

Me picking up my XX on March 28th 2006.

Dealer's photo of my 2003 Honda CBR1100XX Super Blackbird

"if two-up capacity requires doing 160+ across the desert, the XX is your bike." - Robert Mohns, 3/24/06

"an XX, its a Honda. I think you can buy their parts in vending machines." - Roger Gonzalez, 3/24/06

"The XX will crank out 140mph if you sneeze while touching the throttle. And if you hold it open long enough it'll blow right past 170mph. That's FUN." - Patrick Burns, 3/24/06

"the XX is a genuine 175 MPH bike, if you're crazy enough." - Andy Ettinger, 3/25/06

"I've also often heard it described as 'hand of god fast'." - Anonymous, 3/25/06

"As the revs go up there are silly gobs of power. So sometimes I drop into second gear to pass someone, and the front wheel hops into the air. Not my intention at all..... The XX hums along at 110 as if it's no big deal." - Tom Biggs, 3/25/06

"at higher revs, above 7,000, this bike wants to literally leap out of its skin."
"2nd gear which tops out at about an indicated 100mph"
"Want giggles, wheelie through the gears beyond the triple digit mark. The bike will comply in a surprisingly controlled manner."
- http://www.motorsports-network.com/HONDA/cbr11xx/xxtest.HTM 1998

"we've never experienced a bike that changed so little with the addition of heavy luggage." - http://www.motorsports-network.com/HONDA/cbr11xx/xxtour.htm 1998

"I'd lose my license." - Volta

"Its really simple choice...if you want a bike you can actually take on trips and go fast as all hell on the Bird is where its at." - Alphawolf, 10/26/04
"0-60 in 2.1 sec. 0-100 in 5.2." - kansas, 6/7/05
"it frightins me ever day i ride,love every freaking minute of it!!!!! every body sould feel this way-ps i dont drink coffee to wake up in the mornings" - life@180, 8/31/05
"I'm having a hard time accellerating all out on my '02 xx. Once I get up to about 50 mph the inertia has pulled most of the blood out of my brain, and I start to get dizzy." - snardvark, 10/9/05 (apparently a common problem)
- http://www.sport-touring.net/bikes/sport-tourers/cbr1100xx/index.shtml

3/27/06 6051 purchased
3/28/06 6051 picked up
4/15/06 6823
5/12/06 7276 new air filter, compression test: 1) 200psi, 2) 200psi, 3) 200psi, 4) 200psi
7419 installed side racks
2007-11-11 15487 new front brake pads: EBC HH: FA261HH, widely recommended, same front and rear
2012-07-29 16673 registered, new battery, new oil, filter, and crush washer
2014-05-08 17063 registered, new battery

590lbs wet. 494lbs dry. 164hp.

"6300 miles seems pretty good to me, I get about 5K on the XX." - Paul L., BT020 rear

Why I didn't buy any other Sport Touring bike.

Front: 120/70/17 radial Rear: 180/55/17 radial
Use EBC FA261HH brake pads (same all around).

42psi recommended for both tires.
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