Why Wayland?

To end users, in the end, Wayland should look exactly the same as X. Even the same window managers.

X was created in 1984, with a focus on network transparency (applications running on one machine while being displayed on another). So it has a lot of cruft, and makes it difficult to do things like hardware accelerated graphics.

A rant by an X developer on what's wrong with X.

Some of the more significant recent improvements to X allowing hardware accelerated graphics are AIGLX and DRI2, by Kristian Høgsberg. Same guy is doing Wayland. It is precisely the people who know the most about X who are creating Wayland, because they don't want to fight with X anymore.

Wayland is just a far more elegant solution, that can maintain full backwards compatability with X by allowing the X.org server to run as a rootless Wayland client, meaning each X client gets its own window, with seamless appearance that looks like native Wayland clients.

Thu Apr 19 09:35:06 EDT 2012