Weston key bindings

"Super" is the windows key between ctrl and alt.

These are defined in weston/src/shell.c shell_add_bindings().

Move windowsuper + left mouse
Resize windowsuper + middle mouse
Kill westonctrl + alt + backspace
Activate windowleft mouse
Fullscreensuper + F5
ScreenshotSuper + s

Added after v0.85

Switch to next windowsuper + tab
Change window opacitysuper + alt + scroll
Zoomsuper + scroll
Rotate windowsuper + right mouse
Switch windowssuper + tab
Increase backlight brightnesssuper + F10
Decrease backlight brightnesssuper + F9
Debug Repaintsuper + space
Record Videosuper + r

Emulating multiple displays under X


weston -o output-count=2


weston --output-count=2

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