Compositing window managers like Compiz, KWin (KDE) and Mutter (GNOME) are already working on directly using the Wayland protocol to become Wayland display servers / compositors.

krh is the creator of wayland.

<krh>I thin the sample compositor could live on as a simple core compositor with a pluging architecture
<krh>and then that would be the answer when people want to run awesome or openbox or such with wayland: write a plugin to implement that behaviour in the sample compositor
<Darxus>krh: Awesome and openbox being examples of non-compositing window managers?
<bnf>Darxus: yes
<krh>Darxus: it was more an example of standalone window managers without and entire desktop environment
<krh>so in general, to answer the question of "how will my favourite, stand-alone window manager work with wayland"
<krh>to say that they have to bring up egl on kms and read input from evdev is a bit harsh
<krh>and one path forward there could be to define a pluing architecture for the sample compositor that will allow those cases to carry over their unique behaviour without all that low-level bring up
<krh>it's very hand-wavey at this point
<MeanEYE>Are there plans for plugin support? More specific question would be: is it possible to port tiling window to use Wayland?
<krh>or a plugin to weston
<krh>shell.c is the DE for weston
<soreau>krh: So its possible weston could be the server and let a plugin be the wm?
<krh>soreau: that how it works now, there's just only shell.c