Wayland Demos

2012-05-03 XWayland - X clients working via Wayland
2012-04-18 Wayland with GTK+ PPA, theming works, qtwebkit
2012-04-07 several gtk applications running under wayland on ubuntu precise
2012-04-03 wayland gtk glitches, cairo-gl bug
2012-03-22 weston, youtube on qtwebkit
2010-11-20 what works at this time

I record these demos by running weston as an X client, then running:
recordmydesktop --windowid $(xwininfo |grep "Window id:"|sed -e "s/xwininfo\:\ Window id:\ // ;s/\ .*//" )
and clicking on weston. When I'm done, I ctrl-c recordmydesktop.

Then I embed the videos in these pages by just using:
<video src="file.ogv" autoplay="true" controls="true" />

Sun Apr 8 20:39:55 EDT 2012