Wayland Build Script


Downloads and builds Wayland master and all of its dependencies. Lested on Debian Wheezy 2012-12-02. If run on Debian, it installs some packages to resolve dependencies. If not run on Debian, you're going to get errors about missing (pkg-config) packages which you'll need to resolve yourself.

By default, source is downloaded to ~/source/, and everything is installed to ~/install/ .


In wayland-build-master.sh, just set it to not build everything, then run it, and it'll just run weston and some clients as it normally does after building:


Without X

To run outside of X you just need to set weston SUID root:
(It's actually better to use weston-launch.)

sudo chown root ~/install/bin/weston
sudo chmod +s ~/install/bin/weston

Software output

To use entirely driver independent software output, change the build script from --disable-gallium-egl to --enable-gallium-egl in the mesa config and then set EGL_SOFTWARE=1 .

You might also need EGL_DRIVER=egl_gallium to use the software renderer. It wont work with EGL_DRIVER=egl_dri2 .

Wed Oct 24 22:26:11 EDT 2012