The #VNC IRC channel never amounted to much. I started it years ago, but it lacked participation from people who were familiar with VNC. Recently, someone, probably after noticing that the channel was supposed to exist, but was empty, decided to take it over and lock everyone else out, which is.. easy. I'm tired of getting email from people complaining they can't get into a channel that was never useful. So here's a redirect to my main website, which actually does have useful (although unrelated) stuff...

I notified the VNC developers of this situation (Mon, 29 Apr 2002 17:27:20 -0400).

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is the most popular form of real-time communications on the internet. At this instant (8:11pm on 11/25/98), on EFNet (the largest of the IRC networks), there are 39,402 people, in 7,492 channels, on 48 servers. And it's easy.

To get to #VNC (all IRC channels begin with "#") you need to:

  1. Download and install an IRC client.
  2. Connect to an IRC server (in EFNet).
  3. Join the channel #VNC.

IRC Clients

Windows: mIRC (my recomendation), BitchX

UNIX: (most found by searching freshmeat for "irc")
Text Clients: ircII (from the creators), BitchX (What I'm currently using), IRCIT, sirc, ERC,
Graphical Clients: sula, yagIRC, KSirc, Zircon, kIRC, KVirc, keirc, XmIRC, X-Chat, Bezerk, Zipper, tkirc, cIRCus, eIRC, xirc

Feel free to send me URLs of more IRC clients.


If your IRC client did not supply you with a list of EFNet servers, you can find one on the EFnet server list.

Joining #VNC

In most IRC clients, this can be accomplished by typing "/join #vnc" (without quotes) and hitting <enter> (all commands start with a "/"). has a lot of helpful information.

If you have any questions reguarding IRC, feel free to email me.

This web page got 253 hits in July of 2000. 8.43 hits per day. From 234 different IPs. The longer you stay in the channel, the more likely conversation will happen.

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