86 Terminus Ships

Name Hull Cost (k) Accel. (m) Description Creator
Hitman MkI - II Hyperion 2000 1000 I didn\'t want to make this two downloads, so both ships in one.

The MkI uses 3NPBs. The MkII uses 2HPCs. Both have redundant systems, flare launcher, EMF, and PAWS. The download is missing the EMF and PAWS so as to make it easier to buy it in game from any station. Weapons are also missing, but you shouldn\'t have any problems figuring out where they go.

Cost varies depending on the local server economy, but tends to be around 2-2.5Mcr.

Full details at my site http://thefosman.home.mchsi.com. Follow the UVSC link.
Pit Fighter MkI - II Hyperion 1.5M .1.1k A lighter version of the Hitman. No EMF, no flare launcher, no redundancy, and uses Ab-Con instead of PAWS. Keeps the firepower, though.

Cheap to maintain. Very effective. A tougher ship than it sounds.

Download missing weapons, but you\'ll know where to put them.

Full details at my site (same as above).
Assassin Razor 3M+ 1.3k 2HPCs
1 Omega Launcher
Flare Launcher
4 OTs
Redundant Systems

It\'s expensive, but if you want something killed *right now*, this ship will do it.

Full details at my site.
Piranha MkI Rayskate 1.2k 2 RCs and possibly the most maneuverable ship out there with a lateral accel of 819m. (Dropping the weapons and surge cell will bring that to over 900m.) A joy to fly, unless you don\'t know how to dodge incoming fire.

Cheap to buy and maintain.

More details at my site.
Bruiser MkIII Talon 1.2k 4 RCs. That\'s right, 4 Rupture Cannon. And it actually works quite well. =)

Do I need to mention again there are more details at my site?
Bruiser MkI - II Talon 1.1k The MkI uses 3 NPBs. The MkII uses 3PPBs. Other than that, they\'re the same design. EMF, Ab-Con, Flare Launcher, 2SCVs, and 1 OT-A. Cargo Scoop optional.

Forget how much these usually cost to buy, but they\'re not very expensive.

More details at my site.
Firefly Eclipse (higher than 1mil) 400 Yes, I am a fan of the show, and wanted to make a good all around ship based on Serenity, except made to survive in Terminus. =D Good defense, decent offense, ability to mine, transport, and it still has a decent mobility. A bit costly, but worth every penny. Sorry about the price, forgot to write it down. Wild Bill
ffd Bee 10 20 hggfgf aa
baotuan Bee 656 56 sdfsdf bao tuan
Armed Merchantman Mk 1 Durango 502.4 758 An all-purpose cargo/mining vessel. Equipped with flares, repair system and light reactor; arm it as required. Techromancer
Armed Merchantman Mk2b Durango 457.6 909 A refinement of the Mk1. This version has only a flare launcher installed; add weapons, repair systems, etc. as needed. Techromancer
Piranha MkII - III Rayskate 1.1k The MkII uses 2MDs and a premium sink in the cargo bay. It has a forward accel of 1.0k.
The MkIII uses 2 EPBs and a standard sink. It has a forward accel of 1.2k.

Cheap ships, but best used in groups.

Find out more at: thefosman.home.mchsi.com/UVSC.
Runner MkI - II Bee 1.8k The MkI uses an NPB. The MkII an Omega Launcher. Ab-Con armor. Stress is high but managable if you don\'t fly with inertia comps on.

Details at the usual place.
xxx Talon 1000 1000 xxx xxx
xxx Talon 1000 1000 xxx xxx
sss Bee s s sss@hotmailcom sss
x123 Bee 1000 2000 xxx1 xxx1
x123 Bee 1000 2000 xxx xxx
hyper stealth Bee 638.3 768 a stealth vesion of the hype blade, it is still fast for a stealth ship. this ship is invisible up to about 70m aprx, not bad at all. scott
Hyper Blade Hyperion 163 1300 a light fast, agile fighter w/2npb holds 2800 round. its kinda empty but has speed second to none. scott
Businessman MkII Talon 950k 1.2k Same purpose as the MkI, but ups the firepower to 2 NPBs. Also my latest design. I haven\'t bought one in a game yet, so I don\'t know how much it\'ll cost, but I\'d estimate somewhere around 900k - 1M.

As with all my ships, more details at my site.
Businessman MkI Talon 700k 1.3k 2 RCs centered for accuracy. It\'s not meant for combat, though. A good ship for contract mining jobs. Also good for small transport contracts, running blockades, and for those whose purpose is to traffick in questionable items. ;) Accel is with OT. Cargo Scoop, EMF, Mining Beam, and Ab-Con armor. You can upgrade the stock talon to this design when just starting out, though you\'ll have to leave out the OT and EMF (and possibly the reactor, depending on where you buy the parts). More info at my site. FOS
x123 Bee 1000 2000 xxx xxx
x123 Bee 1000 2000 xxx xxx
jnjknjk Eclipse 34 45 dfgd ere
SF-1 Razor 671.8 749 Superiority Fighter 1
1xIcarus (payload 7)
1xOmega (payload 12)
1xFlare launcher
This ship carries a deadly and varied weapons loadout, yet remains fairly agile. It's main weakness is a lack of redundancy in systems, and the difficulty of aiming the single HPC.
Eagle MK-2 Jackal 429.0 425.2 average speed
1 helium plasma bolt, 2 Icarus launchers, flare launcher
Exelent strike ship, can take quite a beating and still fight, one hitfrom that bolt and your targets in peaces
Weakness: even with 2 surgecells the plasma gun will cause the reactor to shut down if used repeatedly
X-3 Light Gunboat Jackal 324 711 X-3 Light Gunboat

2x Icarus Launcher, 16 torpedoes
3x Mass Driver
1x Flare Launcher

A cheaper, slightly slower but well-armed alternative to a Hyperion-class assault ship. Like the X-2 Heavy Gunboat, it relies primarily on torpedoes but the mass drivers and good thrusters come in handy for dogfighting.
X-1B Racer Bee 156 2200 This was built solely to beat Darxus'2.2K bee :)
I couldn't get her up to 2.3K/s but it's still the fastest I managed (1.0K acceleration in performance screen)
eclip_plasma_328 Eclipse ? 328 20 max surge cells, 5 max caps, 1 max battery sustains 2 helium plasma cannons - that's what it takes. Darxus
fireball_3.5k Bee ? 3500 Nothing more than a bright fireball accelerating at 3.5k (w/ overthrusters). Darxus
Trident Hyperion 870.1 495.0 above average speed
3 mass drivers, 2 icarus launchers (loads of torps)
p3 repair system, cargo bay filled with calss c strut
Weakness: scanners and CPU are easily knoked out
takes a good pilot to fly this one!
X-1C Racer Bee ? 3600 OK, I think we should find something more productive to do than uploading endless hotrod Bees, anyway...here's a 3.7K one, with overthrusters. Ajax
X-5 Hijacker Durango 997 805 X-5 Hijacker

1x Light Immobiliser
1x Rail Gun
1x Icarus Launcher
1x Overthrust A
Ab-con 1 armor.
The perfect pirate ship, the X-5 will outrun most ships with ease even without use of the overthruster. Comes equipped with tracking blocker/viewer, cargo scoop and repair system to make plundering and mayhem-making easier than ever!
Bee Racer Bee 186 1400 Extreamly fast and manouverable
major danger of overheating
Eagle MK-1 Hyperion 401.9 393.7 Jackal hull, average to fast
3 electron bolts, 1 Icarus launcher,
flare launcher
Good all rounder, quite stealthy
Most effective at long range combat
Weakness: Once the armour is holed it seems to damage easily
Equipment bay is an easy target and it contains the surge cell (so no guns if
that gets destroyed)
Durango_Mining Durango ? ? 1x Icarus Launcher
1x Mining Beam
1x Flare Launcher
8x S&P 1020.
Augmented armor.
Standard mining-trading transport, average all-around ship.
Ripper Eclypse 1000 234.0 Eclypse hull, average speed, 4 proton bolts, 2 Icarus launchers, spare computer, spare battery, spare life support (recommend assigning AUX keys to these and turn on when needed) Purly an ass-kicker, can take a serious beating and still be functional Probably a weakness in propulsion where spare things are StarViper
PipSqueek Rayscate 118.4 875.2 Rayscate hull, fast, fragile 1 Icarus launcher, 1 electron bolt Cargo bay filled up with hull strut (no cargo bay) Good for patrol missions, may do ok on spy missions Weak spot is all over StarViper
Commet Durango 830.1 335.2 "Durango hull, average speed, tough, 1 torp launcher, 1 mining beam, flare launcher Mining ship, not much else Weak spot is equipment bays where power systems are" StarViper
X-1 Bee ? ? X-1 (Bee racer, experimental)
4x KM Ceres 100
Be careful with this ship. She's the fastest racer around but no weapons and a very small fuel tank, together with thirsty engines, mean this is a limited-use craft. Also, inertia compensators are not recommended, as they tend to stress the frame excessively when turning.
X-2 Eclipse.ship 937 486 X-2 (Eclipse heavy gunboat, experimental)
2x Icarus Launcher, 32 torpedoes
1x Flare Launcher
6x Mass Driver
3x Rail Gun
1x EM shield
1x Hi-P Repair System
PAWS IV armor.
Slow ship but she packs a wallop. I have only tested her in Gauntlet, but the results are fairly impressive.
Rayskate Fighter MK-1 Rayskate 156.4 1000 2x EPB
Rayskate optimized for dogfighting. Has good forward acceleration but excellent lateral thrust for dodging torpedoes.
Recommendation: Add a Class-A hull strut for double the hull strength with slightly reduced thrust.
X-4 Stealth Bee 183 622 X-4 Stealth
1x Spy Probe Launcher
Stealth reconnaissance Bee. The airframe's low sensor signature together with the Mk.II Stealth System make this a good choice for spying missions.
bee_2.2k Bee ? 2200 It's sole function is to beat Ajax's 2.1k acceleration :) Darxus
NX-18k Talon 482.7 1800 Tired of bee racing ships? Try the NX-18k! It uses 3 overthrusters to achieve 1.8k/s acceleration. Try it! Adam Winkelmann
Shadow Eclipse 3100 ? A tricked out Eclipse hull designed for maximum stealth. mooniejohnson
a Bee a a a a
Hamlet Durango 553 940 Straight mining ship. 2 Mining beams, no true offensive weapons. Most powerful thrusters and non-overthrust engines available. Wheltraum 81500 fuel system, light for max acceleration. PAWS-IV armor straight from Traeger Aerospace! Aaron Banaszek
StarDust ? ? ? I had some free time so. I had a go at making an exploration ship. Its big heavy and expensive with plenty of power, light defence, average speed, 2x reactors with 2x capacitors each , 2x engines, backup life support, scanners, CPU etc. I haven't taken it to its limits yet.... Nick
Top Dog Razor Razor 717 x 492 572K A fighter for the top dog competition on Sol1 Terminus Point. Scud
X-2B Heavy Gunboat Eclipse 954 K 461 Same basic design as the X-2 (see above) but with 4xMass Drivers (all working, I swear :) ) and 3 Rail Guns, along with the dual Icarus launchers. Ajax
DxTorch Eclipse 1100 328.5 Sustains maximum rate of fire of 2 Helium Plasma Cannons.
eclip_plasma + moved critical systems to equipment bay & optimized for maximum performance when all items in non-torpedo weapon bays, and propulsion bay have been destroyed + added flare.
It is possible for the battery & caps to become more damaged than the surge cells, causing the ship's power to fail during heavy discharge -- you will need to turn the ship back on with ctrl-p.
HF MK-1 Hyperion 410.5 1095 Hyper Fighter MK-1
A strategic fighter designed to be an optimal balance of firepower and performance. It has superior acceleration for its class. It has enough surge to support the NPB\'s maximum rate of fire continuously, and enough ammo to take advantage of this. These factors combine to make the HF MK-1 a deadly fighter. Disadvantage: without any hull struts, survivability is lower than other heavy fighters.
HF MK-2 Hyperion 556.5 927 Hyper Fighter MK-2
Same philosophy as the HF MK-1, but with more fire-power at a slight loss of performance. As always with the HPC, ammunition and damage to power systems are chief concerns during any prolonged fight.
Assult Eclipse Eclipse 1.5M 531 x 364 HPC x 2, PPB x 2, L-Immobilizer x 2,
Flare Launcer x 2.
EM Field
EX-P Repair System
Redundant systems and dual rapid fire HPCs.
Intrepid Class Eclipse 510.5 231 x 137 A long range ship for exploring the solar system. Has a MASSIVE fuel and energy capacity along with a reactor to replenish energy. No weapons as all bays are filled fuel or energy storage. Scud
Assult Jackal Jackal 432 776 x 317 HPC, EPB x 2.
EM Field.
A speedy hit & run ship.
Assult Razor Razor 940 636 x 506 HPC x 2, PPB x 2, Flare launcher.
EM Field
Hi-P Repair Systems
Dreadnaught Razor 1400 301.5 "...a razer hull and is worth 1.4M. It seems to be the deadlyest thing arround and is excelent for hijacking." StarViper

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