Aftermarket parts:

Craigslist Ad where I found it (with pictures)

date mileage event
2004-09-14 8170 purchased ("This bike received all of it's scheduled maintenance and it runs great.")
2004-09-22 8268 new tires: BT020 rear and BT014 front, 160/60/17 and 120/60/17
2004-09-27 8323 added motosliders
2004-09-29 8323 removed windshield
2004-10-01 8331 new rear brake pads - $30 - EBC FA63 (high performance organic)
2004-11-16 8530 new oil (Mobil 1 15w50 red cap) and oem filter
2005-01-07 ~9031 installed OEM blinkers
2005-04-05 9245 new oil (Honda HP4 10W40, 2.5 quarts, $24.22) (just didn't like how thick the 15w50 was)
2005-05-02 9626 Race Tech emulators (2 turns preload), Race Tech .90 springs, 20 weight oil, increased rear preload from 3 to 7 (max)
2005-07-13 10552 Suzuki swingarm spools
2005-07-14 10552 New BT020 160/60/17 rear. Previous lasted 2,284 miles, almost a year, then was punctured by a nail.
2005-10-11 12173 new oil (Honda HP4M 10w40, 3 quarts) and oem filter, $35.95
2005-10-30 12399 scrubbed and lubed chain (bel ray)
2005-11-05 12481 chain tension, 3cm
2005-12-08 12804 Battery died due to coldest night so far this season, ordered Battery Tender Waterproof 800, $59.48
2005-12-15 12804 Charger arrived, charged overnight, complete by morning.
2006-01-10 12882 Installed new battery
2006-03-05 13054 New DID (x-ring riveted) chain and (steel 15/46) sprockets
2006-07-16 14373 Oil and Filter (Shell Rotella T Synthetic, Suzuki filter)
2006-07-17 14387 Woodcraft clipons
2006-08-12 14853 DP Standard front brake pads (DP322 & DP323)
2019-06-24 15229 Two days ago was the first time I looked at it in at least 11 years. I can't get the fuel cap unlocked. I hooked up a car battery and got it powered up. The first thing I did was take the front brake calipers off. Looks like it was the left one that was seized. The fuel sensor is thoroughly rusted. Has oil. Engine manually turns easily.
Plan is to attach car battery via jumper cables, put the fuel line in a bottle of fuel, and try to start it. Carbs will definitely need cleaned, at least.
Hooked up jumper cables. Confirmed clutch and kickstand switches work. Only get a click. Haven't managed to get it into neutral. People recommended rolling it to help shift.
Rolling worked beautifully for getting it into neutral. Now I'm getting repeated clicks. Nothing from the starter. "it's either a bad starter or not enough juice", "bad brushes in the starter motor have always been the cause of click-but-no-start conditions" Rolling it forward in second gear while starting got it to repeatedly click while in gear, but no starter movement. So, guessing bad starter brushes.
<bmatt> Darxus: cables got warm during your attempted start?
<bmatt> that suggests to me that the starter motor itself is energized, i.e. making good contact but can't turn
<bmatt> could you roll the bike with the starter solenoid engaged?
<Darxus> bmatt: Yes? I rolled it in gear while pushing the starter button, and got repeated clicking.
<bmatt> that makes me think the starter motor itself (or maybe even the bike's engine) is seized
<bmatt> you could try percussive maintenance pro tempore, but yeah starter motors aren't generally considered to be serviceable

date mileage event
now chain lube (bel ray)
now spark plugs
now air filter
2005-10-05 13245 change oil
every 600 miles clean & lube chain

Maintenance: Oil every 4,000 miles, oil filter every other oil change (KN-138?)

Date: Wed, 15 Sep 2004 09:49:00 -0400

I am glad you're enjoying it. I have looked for the manual and I can't find it, I'll keep looking, but there is also tons of SV650 manuals on ebay for $10. I put 89 never 87 and every five or six tanks I'll fill it up with the best. For the oil you can get suzuki or other brand oil, but synthetic 5W-30 and you can get that in any motorcycle shop. The cowl is made by pyramid, the signals I got it from Rumble imports and they are Carbon Arrow Turn Signals. So we are meeting same time same place today so you can get the rest of the stuff.
rumble imports carbon arrow turn signals ("SET SHORT STALK V ARROW TURN SIGNALS CARBON/CLEAR 2 wire (CY24383)")
= Lockhart Phillips part # 122-9820 ?
Pyramid Plastics for SV650
2wheeljunkie undertail - possibly mine (review)
Nelson Rigg MC-903 Deluxe All-Season Cover
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