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Download LiveWebStats generator. (986)

I wrote a program called apache2dot that graphs links as they are followed through your website.

"Hits" means the number of times a file was accessed, except by me, or a web search engine indexer.

These statistics, along with my main web page (8598), are generated live by a perl program (986) I wrote.

This program, when executed, parses all existing log files, and then log data from stdin. While parsing data from stdin, it also regenerates my /index.html and /stats/*.html files if it's been over a minute since the last write.

The numbers in parentheses after links on this page, and my main page, are the number of hits that page has recieved, and are also live.

From the creator of LogJack: "I wrote LogJack because LiveWebStats didn't do exactly what I wanted. However, it may be that LogJack doesn't do what you want and LiveWebStats does. It's a good program that I swiped ideas from left and right, so check it out."

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