Just run, and everything will be okay.

Ironman - Till I Collapse

As of 2016-08-10, I haven't been running much. I've had a lot of problems with my body cooperating with running, and trying to walk a lot, and bike some, to work up to it. I ran once recently. I ran as much as I wanted to, and no more. It was wonderful. I want more. But without injuring myself.

I've had so many problems with my body, but my legs are doing so much better these days. Because of walking. I've had a lot of really bad days, emotionally, lately, but a couple good ones. Trying to track down the causes. Over the last couple days, I did all the right things, ate well, got some exercise. The weather was nice, 65F, I rowed the night before. It wasn't working, my mood was still awful. I was dreading having to keep breathing for another day. After walking for an hour in the woods, I decided to run the couple minutes back to my truck. And that seems to have done the trick. Fixed my mood. Two minutes and eighteen seconds of running.

Why? Because I need it, to make my life feel worthwhile.

It should be obvious from the last part, but if I can't run, it's worth doing absolutely whatever it takes to run again, like physical therapy.