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nchanter nchanter, halloween '03, taken by tashari
Darxus Darxus by the Boston Tea Party Ship, photo by pinkee, 12/8/02
Darxus Darxus at his apartment building, photo by pinkee, 12/8/02
Monster Monster, photo by pinkee, 12/8/02
lan party LAN parties are cool. Darxus on the left. Photo by Time, 10/27/09. At that moment we had 10 people playing Battlefield 1942. Hey, this is the first pic since I lost 50 pounds.
Darxus' piercings Darxus' piercings - left ear (read about them)
Darxus, Pinkee, Paradox, a chick Left to right: Darxus, Pinkee, Paradox, and the chick Paradox brought, at the 2001 Netaxs christmas party. This is about when I hit my peak of 230 pounds.
Darxus and Houdini Darxus with Houdini on his head. Note the white tips of her back paws on either side of his head.
Darxus & Pinkee Darxus and Pinkee at the East Coast Linux 10th Anniversary Picnic (8/25/01). Photo by Michael Simons.
Darxus and Pinkee Darxus and Pinkee at RABCon at Angie's, taken by Katester.
Darxus and Pinkee Darxus and Pinkee at RABCon at Judy's, taken by Katester.
Darxus and Pinkee Darxus and Pinkee at N-tropy's.
Darxus Darxus at work.
1978 Corvette 1978 Chevrolet Corvette. I want one. In black.
Nita, mct, Darxus Left to right: Nita, MCT, me -- at the Earthstation Netaxs party on 11/2/2000
Andrea Andrea
2000 Neon A picture of a black 2000 Dodge Neon. I had one.
Helen and Darxus Helen (3rd ex gf) & Darxus, shortly after they met. I was 23, she was 29.
Darxus at Pandamorbium Darxus at Pandamorbium, photograph by Kyle Cassidy <>
Darxus' sig It says "Darxus", was created by me some time before Aug 20 1996 (according to it's timestamp), and was created in POV (Persistance Of Vision). I have no idea where the definition of it is.
stripped keyboard My extreemly cool keyboard with the extra bits (case & keycaps) removed, which I've been using at work since.. fall of 1999 ? - and am typing on this very moment.
power A really cool part of the Mandlebrot Set I found with Fractint. With this parameter file and Fractint, you can regnerate it at any resolution.
barb barb, my 2nd ex gf.
Vicki Vicki (1st ex gf) & Darxus a long time ago.
Why do I refer to myself in the third person so much on this page ? So searches on on "Darxus" will be more useful.
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