Jinhao X750, silver (stainless steel)

This cost me $3.39, shipped from China, and works great with #6 nibs. Used with other nibs, I highly recommend it. If you're not planning to replace the nib, I'd recommend starting with a Pilot Metropolitan. The nib isn't terrible, but it doesn't feel very nice, and it sounds like quality control is bad. Goulet nibs work very well with them, and the 1.1mm stub I've tried so far makes me very happy. The grip is a nice shape and texture.

While the cap clicks on very positively, it rattles in place. The (international) converter attaches securely, I can feel it wobbling around like a spring inside when I tap it, which feels not solid, in a way I dislike. I think I'll probably very successfully shim it with electrical tape.

I wish the logo was more subtle.

For a $3.39 pen, if you're not going to let the nib shape you're entire perception of fountain pens, I think it's pretty incredible.