This section is still rather raw.

I tend to be a bit obsessive. Go ahead and chuckle if you know me. It's true. I know it. I'm okay with it. I think it goes well with my general unreasonableness and short attention span.

"I keep having these irrational bouts of obsessing on things." - Mom, 12/23/02. It's genetic.

There are a few obsessions that have... lasted long enough that I think they might as well be documented:

corvette m3 The Car - 81/82 vette - probably my most extreme obsession - I want a 1981/1982 Chevrolet Corvette, painted gloss black, with metallic black rally stripes, a black leather interior, a manual transmission, and a rebuilt engine. As of 12/02, this seems very unlikely to happen within the next few years.
Mon Jun 21 N-tropy said he wanted a mini. (2004)
Fri Jun 25 After reading history of minis, I became curious about rallying.
Sat Jun 26 Navigated in regisd's mini in a rally, I talked to people about autocross.
Mon Jun 28 Decided I wanted a '95 M3, largely for autocross.
Sat Jul 3 Test drove a Mini S, very fun.
Fri Jul 9 Seriously doubting the likelyhood of finding an M3, reconsidering Mitsubishi Evolution.
Sun Jul 11 Decided I wanted a bike - Suzuki SV650S. Evolutions are probably crap, M3 would probably still be nice.
I got a similar bike (below). I still think an M3 would be nice. (still 2004)
bike My bike - Suzuki SV650, 2000, blue (naked sport bike). Purchased 9/14/04 with 8,170 miles. I first mentioned wanting a bike here on 8/19/01.
guns Guns - I like them, I have a few, I need more.
computers Computers - I've been actively using them since around 1987. I've been actively using unix since December 1994. I recently built an Athlon 1.4ghz box named dancer.
piercing Piercing - I had to have this one pointed out to me. I have a 6 gauge barbell through my left conch, and am contemplating a number of other holes. Read about my first conch piercing.
hair I have insane hair. It's long, curly, thick, and coarse. I've been asked if it's permed many times. Many people have told me they would kill for it. If it weren't for these things, I would shave my head, because it's a major pain.
boots justin boots matterhorns new rockspennangalan Boots
I like to wear black leather boots (when I'm not barefoot or wearing sandals). I wear 10 1/2 medium American, 44 European. I have owned (in chronological order):
  • 8 hole Dr. Martens (black greasy) - relatively poor quality for boots, but a good intruduction to them, I needed dr. scholl's (DynaStep?) inserts
  • Classic Timberlands - heel support deformed from sitting in my car in the sun for a couple weeks
  • Frye Harness 12R boots - the only ones on this list I don't still own because both pair of them fell apart on me rather quickly, the second time I had them replaced I got:
  • Frye Engineer Harness boots - toes broke down way too easily
  • Matterhorn #1997 All Weather boots combat boots with arctic to desert appropriate insulation - lived in probably for a couple years till I got my new rocks. Wearing again while riding my motorcycle. These things are wonderful. Purchased end of 2001 ?
  • Justin Boots, Black Corona boots - for dressier occasions (got them 10/27/02).
  • New Rock model 272 ordered 10/20, shipped 10/21, recieved 10/29/03, now living in them. Can't shift reasonably on my motorcycle due to thick sole.
I'm currently lusting over Pennangalan Transmuteres with 5.5" heels and AllyCat Spike panels with shiny metal plates but their cost is rather rediculous :(
And it looks like they stopped selling them between 11/21/03 and 12/1/03.
Some people are more obsessed about boots than me.
castine kayak
Kayak - I've wanted one for more than half my life, and the apartment I just moved into happens to be about 4 blocks from a lake. So I need one. I'm currently considering an Old Town Castine, in green. I hope to put one in the water soon, long before any sane person would do so for the first time. And eskimo roll (once it gets warm). And then see if Monster likes going with me. I'm hoping he'll enjoy sleeping on the bow in the fresh air and sunshine on this calm lake.
Was convinced to try renting a few times first. Two full summers later and I've only done it once. Very thankful for that suggestion.
remo djembe Drums. In the woods, under the sky, a bonfire, surrounded by dancers, surrounded by drummers. Mmmm.
bodybuilding People have been telling me for years that my frame would respond well to a bit of resistance training. And I know that it feels much better to be in shape. I got a 1 year membership for 2004, went for roughly 6 months.
politics I'd like to get more of my friends to get registered, and vote. And I think 3rd parties are most worthy of votes.
paganism I've been fascinated by religion for much of my life, pantheist paganism seems to suit me
women Yum. Obvious. But going better now than ever before.
photography I wore a Canon S200 compact digital camera almost every day of the 9 months I owned it before I sold it to buy a newer model. I've only uploaded 339 pictures, must take more.
fish fish - yet another one that had to be pointed out to me

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