serenity is fine

serenity is fine

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There are two switches on the back, one labeled |/O (power), which works, and one labeled "sft pwr", which is presumably supposed to function like a reset button, but instead just puts the thing in a useless state - even through limitless powercycling.

The noc monkeys used the wrong switch. Once I realized this, I hit that switch again and it came up fine.

I'm currently rebuilding the kernel while I'm here, so I have plenty of opportunity to break it. Also, my mail server software isn't running till I'm done with the kernel because spam filters were competing for cpu cycles too much.

The roads in this town are bad. Evil. Actively malicious. Hate. WTF was that shit ? I'm currently in Charlestown, and I went through the worst rotary ever at least 4 times because of course none of the roads are labeled.

Update: Kernel's upgraded, I'm home, all's good. Ride home was less traumatic.
  • I'm seriously considering clipping the wires for that switch before I colo my own copy of the same system. If it visibly does nothing, the NOC monkeys might behave otherwise.

    Also, you're driving in Boston. If you didn't know what you were getting into when you moved, you still deserve it. How 'bout them Sox.
    • Clip it. Then test it to make sure the bad magic doesn't get mad at you. The only reason I'm not now is my server's wedged in a pile of other servers in a rack.

      And... most of the time I don't have to drive in areas like this.
    • Driving in boston isn't that bad once you get use to it. it's really a test to one's, i dunno, wits. that and darxus lets me do most of the driveing :-)
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