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How fast do you have to go to achieve orbit at sea level ?
  • you can't orbit at sea level. Too much stuff in the way. :)

  • or did you mean escape velocity? In that case its about 7 miles per second. Not sure how drag affects it.
  • How fast does one have to go, or how fast do I have to go?
  • Isn't it more than seven for elliptical orbit and more than eleven for escape? miles per second, i think. i don't really remember.
  • Mach 25. That's what it is at LEO, and it's about the same down low. Of course, you'll need a lot more thrust to stay at that speed in the atmosphere.
  • I think you'd end up hitting stuff if you tried to orbit at sea level.

    However, if we assume you're talking about a hypothetical perfectly smooth "pool ball" planet.. well, I have no idea. I actually spent 10 minutes trying to find this on the web, but couldn't find a thing. I thoguht of trying to calculate it myself, but I don't know jack about physics. (Though I can discuss theoretical physics, I'm useless with the actual math of physics.)

    Though I did find the following interesting fact: You'd have to travel at about 3% of lightspeed to make the signals on a cell phone have a doppler effect great enough to render the cell phones inoperable. (assuming you're on a 900mhz phone.)

    That seems like something that'd amuse you, though I am unsure why I think that.
  • How much thrust do you need to make a brick fly?
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