graphing *your* friends

graphing *your* friends

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This is me releasing the harvesting part of the software I graphed my friends list with: http://www.chaosreigns.com/code/ljfriends2dot/

If you download ljfriends2dot.pl and springgraph, and you have perl and GD.pm installed, after you set $cachedir in ljfriends2dot.pl, you should be able to run:

./ljfriends2dot.pl darxus > ljfriends.dot
cat ljfriends.dot | ./springgraph.pl > ljfriends.png

(replace "darxus" with your username) and then have a graph called ljfriends.png.

Unix (Linux, BSD, etc.) and MacOS X generally has perl installed. For windows I suggest google searching for windows perl. It's a pretty simple install. Although getting the one required perl module (GD.pm) installed could be more interesting on non-unixes.

I would like to hear other people's experiences with this.
  • What about us losers who have you listed as a friend, but aren't mutual? Don't we deserve to be noticed too?
    • I actually added you between the time I cached my friends list and now. Feel free to generate your own graphs from current data, I've released all the source in (hopefully) usable form :P
  • thanks for making mine! it's all smooshy. :)
    • Yeah, I could easily spread it out, but then it's bigger and crashes computers.
  • Very cool.
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