graphing my friends' friendings

graphing my friends' friendings

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I graphed the friends relationships among all my friends. These images are pretty big. Each friend of mine is an oval, and an arrow points to each person they friended. The more friends any two people have in common, the closer they should be, ideally.

All my non-Philly friends.224KB7406x2987
All my Philly friends.28KB2390x1537
All my friends - really big, don't look.360KB10341x9086
Philly and non-Philly friends only have nchanter in common, so I put her in both.

Number of my friends that friended each of my friends:
42 water_childe
40 cos
38 sunspiral
36 rosif3r
33 nchanter
25 lachesis
24 anotherjen
24 dietrich
24 mangosteen
23 wispfox
22 dancer
21 klingonlandlady
21 weegoddess
20 beowabbit
20 coraline
20 bbbsg
19 cthulhia
19 deadwinter
18 rekling
18 eeblet
17 ert
17 zzbottom
17 tisana
17 fraterrisus
17 kyrene
17 heinleinfan
16 sunstealer
16 ceo
16 nex0s
16 perspicuity
16 asciikitty
15 ceelove
15 gothic_peacock
15 buxom_bey
15 ectropy
15 lyonesse
14 xlii
14 n_tropy
14 dalious
14 gaelen
14 gosling
14 wench33
14 gingerkat
14 network
14 goat
14 elvendoll
14 penghuin
13 brynndragon
13 starphire
12 mud_puppy
12 aelisdeliria
12 skreeky
12 grovegoddess
11 mattlistener
11 marmota
11 blondeamazon
10 feng_huang
10 m_c_t
10 awfief
9 missdimple
9 starkeymonster
8 nepenthe01
8 time3
8 amber_phoenix
8 darkspur
8 treacle_well
7 princessleia2
7 grumpy_sysadmin
7 lightfixer
7 supercheesegirl
7 spud
7 ironfinch
7 laserhen
7 thelost1
6 mortis
6 tashari
6 fuzcat
6 pixel
6 absurdminded
6 opeth
5 minkrose
5 ayalanya
5 ablock
5 ricevermicelli
4 madamekat
4 fluffy2097
4 solspirit
4 james_rider
4 center
3 destrado
3 stoic_rider
3 roaming
3 sugary828
3 leukosia
3 eclecticgypsy
3 gemini74
3 lane_dire
2 chainwheel
2 temalyen
2 elfazon
2 deadparrot
2 purrfab
2 sh3ph3rd
2 _amaranthe_
1 cricketor
1 mykgerard
1 contactkitten

The graphs and stats were generated using springgraph. The lj data harvesting was done with a script I haven't yet released, but as far as I can tell the lj folks should consider it a well behaved bot (caching, and using fdata.bml instead of userinfo.bml).

  • Thoughts

    1. this is really cool!
    2. uh oh. wonder if it's time to bring up the subject of "graphing THAT list" again (since ectropy and I never did get around to doing that) - Ha!
    3. In the small version, it just looked like you spilled something on the page. :)
    4. Can I have one? :) (half kidding.)
    • Re: Thoughts

      1) Thanks :)
      3) Small version ? You mean the larger image which your browser resized for you without asking, so it's shrunken down to illegibilty ?
      4) How are you with perl scripts ? I think releasing my harvesting script is pretty likely. But I'm not going to convert this all for webapps to be used by all of creation. I don't have that kind of cpu capacity or desire to pay for bandwidth.
  • wow I know it says dont look, but that big one crashes mozilla .. I guess I'm not running a talkback.
  • Huh.

    [info]laserhen is the center of your Philadelphia world. And she's not so much here any more.
    • Re: Huh.

      I was there last month, but alas, you had to work. I've been coming home about three times a year since I left. Maybe we'll see you next time?
      • Re: Huh.

        That was so totally unexpected. But since I made more in 40 hours contracting for the people that fired me that weekend than I'd have made in a month working there at my old salary, I hope you'll forgive me.

        Do let me know the next time you guys are coming through town; I don't need all that much notice. When [info]feng_huang called me, it would have been fine, except for this other unexpected thing that popped up first.
  • Mmmmm...directed graphs.

    I love that Cos appears to have a halo.
  • I'm not your friend *sniffle*

    [info]n_tropy says I'm cool, damnit! So nyah! :-p
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