Climbed, got shoes, elbow is improving

Climbed, got shoes, elbow is improving

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June 2012
Climbed on 2012-10-30. Ordered shoes at the shoe demo on 2012-11-06 (but didn't climb. Climbed today.

I ordered La Sportiva Tarantulace size 44, for $68. The shoe demo seemed like a great way to buy climbing shoes. They had them when I went in today. It's great to finally have all my own gear for indoor climbing. My feet are definitely going to take some getting used to these shoes without socks.

My left elbow definitely seems to have some mild triceps tendonosis, which is why I haven't climbed as much lately. This article on eccentric exercises for tendonosis seems useful. It basically suggests doing negative reps. So I've been randomly doing a couple of those just providing resistance with my other hand as I've thought of it, trying to smooth out the tendon. Today I did some more bench pressing, starting out with 5 pound dumbbells, as I did a week ago. That went much better. Increased a bit. Talked to another guy in the weight room who suggested French presses. That sounded good, particularly since I had heard that bench presses aren't particularly healthy, so I did some of those. My elbow is still far from great, but I'm really excited about the improvement.

I'm starting to think cathijosephine must be right, that I must have caused the tendonosis while climbing, even though it's not a muscle you use a lot while climbing.
  • I'm glad lifting went better!

    Also, you're still very new at this, so it's not hard to imagine you could damage a tendon not normally used by climbers. You're not a normal climber yet. I'm glad you continue to climb.
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