Climbed a 5.8, bought some gear

Climbed a 5.8, bought some gear

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June 2012
Climbed a 5.8 for the first time. Climbed the juggy red 5.7(?) to the right of the speed wall without feeling like I was cheating - meaning I succeded in making better use of holds instead of just reaching around a problem.

Had partners much of the time I was climbing tonight, which was nice. One of them was new, he didn't know about the white board, just asked me if I needed a belay as I was staring at the above mentioned 5.7, and I said sure! The other was somebody I had partnered with before.

Toward the end I managed to wear my arms out enough that I failed I think on at least two 5.6's, which I think is some kind of accomplishment.

I did do some weights after. Got a little something going on in my left elbow - some twinges on both bench presses and bicep curls. Not worried about it, just planning to take it easy on that.

Planning to go walking in my neighborhood again tomorrow, and go see what goes on at Quincy Quarries Sunday, hopefully do a little bouldering.

Book: Boston Rocks - Boton area climbing guide book - $25
Harness: Black Diamond Momentum AL, XL - $54.95
Belay ATC: Black Diamond - $18.95
Chalk bag: Mad Rock Kangaroo - $15.95
Chalk ball: Liberty Mountain? $3?

Prices don't include a 20% discount on the harness, atc, and chalk bag, for buying them at once. Total was $105.06, unfortunately the receipt is not itemized.

This reduces rental fees to just shoes, $5.

Buying shoes at the shoe demo at Metro Rock on November 6th.
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