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June 2012
My thumb was feeling all better, so I climbed without doing anything special with it. No problems so far.

Met up with a climbing partner via the white board right away, which was nice.

I started off climbing to the top of one of the sections which has an auto-belay which I hadn't manged to climb before, which was great. I've now gotten to the top of two of the three, although only one of the marked routes.

Did a couple moves on a 5.7 which were pretty interesting and challenging. Didn't make it to the top of that one though.

After climbing with that first partner for a while, I ran into doze_e_fish for the first time there, and climbed with her for a while, which was great.

I made it to the top of another 5.7 which I was sure I wouldn't be able to make a couple moves of. It's getting really interesting to study routes after climbing them, trying to figure out what the right thing to do would've been where I ended up lunging to get through it. I'm pretty sure no lunging should be required on a 5.7. I'm starting to actually see possible moves when I look at the wall, instead of just chaos.

It's also getting interesting to try to see what holds could benefit a partner as they're going up the wall, that I might miss while I'm up there.

Making more use of more holds. Still definitely more progress to make on that.

When I went to use the weight room, it was full of little girls on yoga mats. Several times I checked. Which was pretty annoying. But I did get in there before closing, and that was nice.

Today I was informed my membership does not actually include equipment rental. The last three times I used their equiment, that's not what they said, including when I bought my membership, and was explicitely told it included equipment. That's what I originally expected, but I'm still bummed to suddenly have to pay $10 more each visit. So I'll probably cut down to once every ~four days, until their shoe demo day on November sixth, buy all the equipment that day, then go back to every ~two days.
  • Yeah, I don't think a regular membership ever includes equipment. But an introductory month package (which can be repeatedly used, at least as a groupon) DOES include equipment, plus the introductory class. So perhaps that's what you had the first month?

    If shoe demo day is a special opportunity to buy equipment at discount, I might take advantage of that as well...
    • Nope, just confused employees.

      I don't think there's an additional discount, just more shoes to try on or something? I don't know.
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