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June 2012
It was only two days since the last time I went, but I was annoyed my forearms felt fine already, so I went again.

I started out using the auto-belays, which I love. On two of the three walls with auto-belays I had not previously made it to the top (using all available holds). I got significantly higher this time. There was one particular yellow hand hold I had previously seen somebody I was talking to use, that I commented to him seemed like I would have a lot of difficulty with. It worked out fine, I just couldn't relie on it for a lot. The wall closer to the front, at one point I had a good hold with my left hand, a bad hold with my right foot, and lunged (mostly with my foot), taking my left foot and right hand off, for a hold with my right hand. I figured there was no chance I'd get it, and I'd just fall. But I got it, and that was awesome.

So frequently I'm thinking "I can't do this, I can't do this... whoa, I did it!"

It's still kind of frustrating to be so bad, but great to be so noticably improving.

Ran into abigezunt and bbbsg, and ended up climbing with them, which was awesome.

abigezunt commented at one point "You're skipping all the holds. But that's fine." So, I suppose that's a good way to work on my technique, trying to use more holds. Instead of complaining about my forearms taking too long to catch up.

I really feel like I yanked my shoulders, etc., around a lot more today. Lunging at things. Looking forward to seeing how that feels over the next couple days.
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