Climbed, auto-belays, bouldered

Climbed, auto-belays, bouldered

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June 2012
My shoulders ended up really painfully sore from the workout after climbing last time. Decided my forearms were mostly recovered, so I went again. Shoulders were fine today.

I was planning to mostly use the auto-belays (top roping), and climb with a partner if I found one. I put my name on the partner finding white board when I got there, and started on the auto-belays.

I'm very happy with the auto-belays. I did a couple short test climbs / falls, because there is no reason to trust my life with that thing without trying it out safely first. It's definitely weird lowering from the top with it. No human there holding you. And it doesn't slow you down immediately (which I was warned of, and is nice for maneuverability). But I got used to it, and felt very safe, and used them several times. Each of the three auto-belays they have set up. I wasn't even trying to stick to routes. It was nice being able to just really take my time and not have another person waiting for me to worry about. Even though I don't think there's any actual reason to feel rushed while climbing - people need that time to recover.

I'm meeting people, which is cool. A guy introduced himself, who had his name on the white board, who was there via meetup.com. But he was only bouldering, and I wanted to top-rope. Because the bouldering problems are harder. But while talking and bouldering with him some, I did actually complete a bouldering problem for the first time. It was set up marked differently from usual for the competition (comp) tomorrow. It said "20", and I have no idea what that means. Since I managed it, I'd guess it was easier than the normal easiest bouldering problem, v0. This is the first time I made it to the top of the bouldering area, and I had tried without sticking to routes before and failed, so that's cool.

Another guy asked if I wanted to partner up when I was about ready to leave, I told him I was happy to belay him, but my forearms were pretty done. He told me a little about playing on the slackline, which I tried. It's apparently a short, and therefore more difficult slackline. I sure had a tough time with it.

It's frustrating waiting for my forearms (finger grip muscles) to catch up. I feel like I'm wasting expensive membership time mostly doing what I could achieve by just hanging on random things by my fingertips. But I guess I am learning a little, and meeting people.

I was considering not doing weightlifting after this time to see if that helped the recovery of more climbing specific stuff (forearms), and then forgot, so I didn't. Actually, it only took me three days to get back this time, and that's fine.
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