Climbed that 5.7, got a 3 month membership

Climbed that 5.7, got a 3 month membership

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June 2012
Having previously taken the basic belay safety class, I showed up and said I wanted to take the belay class, rent equipment, and buy a three month membership.

Turned out equipment rental is included in memberships. But they wouldn't let me have a harness before finding a partner to take the belay test with.

So I wandered around the boulder area, trying to find anything I could even hold onto, being pretty frustrated. There were a couple names on the whiteboard for finding partners, but didn't seem to be anybody wearing harnesses in the bouldering area.

I went to what might be intended as an easy bouldering wall in the far right corner, and tried out standing on the impossibly tiny nubs I previously assumed were impossible, and about as expected (thanks to Zeph), was entirely able to stand on them, which helped a lot in later climbing today.

Eventually I went to see if anybody was on the auto-belays looking for a partner, and found one of the people on the whiteboard. Told her I needed a partner for the belay test, asked if she was willing, and she was. I could've found her a lot faster if I just looked around for her more sooner. So maybe that will go better next time.

Took the test, it was easy as I expected. Did some climbing with the same partner. Started off climbing the 5.7 I had failed last time. Climbed a couple other routes, had a lot of difficulty. Don't think my technique was terrible, I just have a long way to go to build up the strength to hold on, and flexibility to get my feet higher to lift myself with my legs more.

My partner and I were done with climbing about the same time. She left, I went to check out the exercise equipment. I have barbell equipment at home, but I've been itching to play with dumbbells, which that satisfied nicely. They also had a strap thing that was great for... something like incline pull-ups, which was exactly something I wanted.

I'm very happy with how it went. Curious to see how finding partners will go next time. Looking forward to my body adapting.
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