Went indoor rock climbing

Went indoor rock climbing

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June 2012
At Metro Rock.

I did this once twelve years ago. Have been kind of thinking about it since. Didn't have to start with a class back then.

The Basic Safety (101) class isn't bad though. It's easy, and they tell you everything about keeping each other from plummiting to your deaths. It includes practice falls, which are incredibly confidence inspiring. When the teacher showed us the figure eight knot, which I'd seen before and thought I could figure out easy enough, I said that seemed like a complicated way of doing it. She said "Well, if you're really visual and understand what it's doing, you can do it like this, but nobody pick that up at first." That method worked great for me, and after doing it a couple times she she said "Yeah you really understand what it's doing." Or something. She said I was a very quick learner.

I had thought about starting with the Learn to Climb (102) class. I'm glad Zeph talked me out of it.

The other guy in the class came with some friends. The teacher suggested I climb with them after the class, which I really appreciated. I asked everybody if that was okay, and made it clear I was happy to hang around bouldering to find other people to climb with, but they were all really pleasant about letting me climb with them. In total, I did a couple 5.5's (easiest), a couple 5.6's, then tried a 5.7 and failed. I kept thinking "I can't do this, I can't do this..." then I'd get up a little higher. My muscles just wouldn't go any more, just before I reached the top. No problem, a lot of why I'm doing this is knowing it'll do awesome things for muscle development. The teacher commented I need to use my legs more, which makes lots of sense.

The beginner class I took today was $40, including gear rental.

When my muscles recover I plan to get a 10 day pass for $162, not including gear. I'll need to take a belaying test to verify I didn't forget everything I learned today.

When that runs out I hope to get a three month pass for $265, not including gear.

And somewhere in there buy my own shoes / harness / etc., so I can stop paying $10 a visit for it. They do allow you to wear your own sneakers, so you could get by with $5 for harness and belay ATC.

I hope to go a lot on weekday evenings, and occasionally during the day on weekends. My plan is to try to meet up with belaying partners in the bouldering area (which you can do alone), but I'm not sure how easily that will go, and it would be easier to go with people.

It's challenging in a way that really leaves no room for whining, which I like.

I love how all the climbing paths are marked with precise skill levels, to really easily track your progress.

The waiver says something about "...ALL MANNER OF HARM..." which I think they should put on a t-shirt.
  • sign up for or otherwise keep an eye on groupons...

    they offer a VERY good deal sometimes, though metro rock's own deals from time to time are quite good.

    it's a fun hobby. my last local town had a gym, and i ended up going 2-3 times a week, and was getting pretty good. then, like many things, i felt like i was over doing it, and slowly backed off. kinda miss it, but the wear and tear i don't.

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