TireRack.com price worse than local shop

TireRack.com price worse than local shop

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June 2012

Cost for four new tires from TireRack + shipping + install by local shop highly rated by TireRack: $662.42

Cost for the same tires from and installed by (different) local shop highly rated by Angie's List: $599.20.
($541.24 for tires, $57.96 for install.)

I'm pretty darn surprised the Tire Rack option is 10.6% more expensive than the local shop option.

I'm getting Michelin Primacy MXV4 (Grand Touring All-Season) (H rated) tires, because they're highly rated on TireRack.
  • is either of the local shops Maynard & Lieseure?
    • No. The local shop recommended by Angie's List, where I took my car to be inspected and ended up ordering new tires through was Vulc Tech. The one recommended by TireRack, which I have not had any contact with, is Pole's Automotive. Both in Hudson, NH.

      Why? Should I be getting tires there? M3 should be needing them soon.
      • My experience with M&L is that they always win on price, always. They're not very touchy-feely, so you should know what you want.

        The sales schtick is, "This is the price, it includes everything" No haggling, no coupons, no hidden fees, just a price. it includes mounting, balancing, new stems, old tire disposal, rotation in xxx miles, everything.

        They're a regional distributor, which is why they're gruff, and cheap. They're also professional, no monkeys messing around with your car. They know tires, and don't try to do anything else.

        You *rarely* need to make an appointment, usually you can just show up, but it's a good idea to call first to make sure they have the model and size you want in stock; it's also a good time to ask, "so, can I just drop by?" The answer is nearly always, "yes", and "yes".

        However, they're *not* going to care about your driving style, your expected treadwear life, how quiet you like your car, etc. Figure out what you want for the best experience.
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