I walked long enough Zeph wanted to call the police

I walked long enough Zeph wanted to call the police

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June 2012
I guess I always thought I could just walk forever. Despite knowing how much work it took Zeph to do the Komen three day. I somewhat recently realized that walking for just an hour made my hip sore, and that kind of freaked me out.

So when I got back to Zeph's place after going for a walk yesterday, she was grumpy at me. She said a month ago I couldn't walk for an hour without hurting myself, so she had been tempted to call the police. I asked how long I had been walking. She said five hours. At least four.

As I've been walking more, I've been surprised that my hip has been recovering at a rapidly increasing rate, which I am very happy about. I'm sore the next day, but only in good ways. Muscles rebuilding stronger due to exercise. Nothing that feels like hypermobility induced secondary osteoarthritis. My body is adapting, yay.

While they have been working on the Alford St. bridge, nearly a mile of one side of Rutherford Ave. has been abandoned. Two lanes, with fallen trees. Some of it tunnel. So I walked that, and then walked on top of the tunnel, around the fence, up to where it abruptly ended, looking down off the jagged edge of the tunnel roof to the cars passing by in the still used lanes. Wondering what used to be there. A ramp to a bypass that was never built, [info]woodwardiocom later told me.

I went back through Ryan Playground. Picked up some glass, wondering if anyone even cared. Saw a sign on a gate saying it would be locked at 6pm, had difficulty believing that someone would actually come out to lock it. Wandered through and around the docks behind Schrafft's. A security guard actually did lock the gate, so I climbed over it. As wear on the paint clearly indicated many had done before.

By the power station I saw a rabbit in the grass about twelve feet away. It took me at least a minute to see any movement at all and actually be convinced it wasn't a very good statue. I sat down, it came a couple feet closer and went back to munching on plants, I hung out for a few minutes. It started to leave, and I walked off with it still watching me.

It's good to go outside.
  • Glad your hip seems to be improving, and nice to see you today!

    (I feel slightly less chuffed about having walked to Union Square from work, now. But only slightly.)
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