I'm interested in sailing

I'm interested in sailing

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August 2011
Any suggestions on how to pursue this?

I have a fond childhood memory of laying on the edge of mom's small sailboat as that edge was dipping into the water, leaned well over, going as fast as that thing could go. It seemed dangerous, but my mom was awesome, and I was wearing a life vest, and knew how to swim.

Building a pocket yacht seems like a good long term goal, but I'm unsure of a good path. If somebody wants to teach me, that would probably be ideal. I'd also be happy to just give it a try without any teaching if I can get my hands on a boat, without crazy fees. I have a trailer hitch to put on my car.

Pretty picture.
  • Learning to sail: Community Boating on the Charles for a cheap, casual option (a lot of informal teaching going on, I think it's less than $200 for a membership for the summer). Courageous Sailing in Charlestown, or there are a couple on the Boston Harbor starting from downtown if you want something on the ocean.

    Building a boat: Wooden Boat School in Maine.

    If you get your hands on a boat, I'd be happy to show you some stuff. I'm far from an expert sailor, but I can get by on a small boat in relatively calm water.
  • second on Community Boating Inc

    it's right on the charles, it's relatively easy to get to, esp if you work there, and you can sale for the 6 months of the year, learn a variety of craft, and graduate to bigger boats outside the locks.

    super fun time.

  • also this book:


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