I replaced my driver's side low-beam headlamp! (2007 Accord)

I replaced my driver's side low-beam headlamp! (2007 Accord)

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August 2011
It was really stupidly difficult.

First recommendation: Don't try this without a stubby philips screwdriver. Although I was successful without one.

Owner's manual says: Pop the plastic things out holding the front of the driver's side wheel well in place, disconnect the plug, loosen the screws, unlock bulb by rotating counter-clockwise slightly, pull the bulb out.

I had a lot of difficulty getting my hand in there. I even practiced removing the bulb from the passenger's side high-beam, which is easiest. Required a lot of force just to hold the tab on the plug down far enough. No way I could disconnect the thing with one hand.

So I broke down and pulled the battery most of the way out. Left the positive side connected and just rotated it out of the way (this involves 3 10mm nuts).

Used my left hand to align the tip of my screwdriver from where the battery had been, and my right hand to rotate the screwdriver from the wheel well. Extremely awkward. Took forever. Might be slightly less miserable with a stubby screwdriver.

Once I got it out of the socket, I pulled the bulb into where the battery had been to get two hands on it, and was finally able to hold down the tab hard enough while pulling hard enough to get the bulb out. Which I think could not have been much more difficult while still being humanly possible.

From there, reversal was easy. Except I need to get more plastic tabs to close the wheel well back up properly. And I'm still looking for my radio re-activation code.

It's now 18.3°F outside. Brilliant time to try this. I really need to remove that wall in my half garage.
  • Ugh... I feel your pain. My '93 Accord wasn't that bad, but still wicked annoying. Near as I can tell, there's *NO WAY* to replace the headlight bulbs on the passenger side without removing the battery.

    I gotta say, things like this are a major advantage of HID or LED headlights.
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