Why eating low fat + higher sugar is bad

Why eating low fat + higher sugar is bad

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August 2011
The decision that we should consume less fat (which resulted in consuming more sugar to compensate for loss of taste) was based on research that showed that high fat consumption highly correlated to obesity. Fine. But in the same research they said that it also correlated to high sucrose*, but explained that away as being only an artifact of sucrose consumption being highly correlated to fat consumption.

And then our liver converts that sugar to fat in our blood, which is where all the cholesterol and stuff comes from.

Source is the same video as last time.

And I didn't make it clear enough last time that sucrose is table sugar, cane sugar, what is labelled as "sugar", and thought of as "real sugar" - just as bad as High Fructose Corn Syrup. It contains the same molecules, and the difference is a molecular bond that is irrelevant due a digestive enzyme that easily destroys it. So, bad:
  • Fructose: Large quantities naturally in fruit juice (but not bad in the fruit because they come with plenty of fiber).
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup: Obvious, but in everything.
  • Sucrose - table sugar / sugar / real sugar - effectively same as HFCS
* Pretty sure it was sucrose (table sugar, cane sugar), but need to confirm.
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