Burst pipe is fixed

Burst pipe is fixed

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August 2011
I even had everything I needed from last time I had to cap a pipe.

Shut off all water.

Heated up cap to make sure that method wouldn't actually remove it, since the plumbing in that area is all joined by something epoxy like, not solder as it should be.

Used mini pipe-cutter to cut off end of pipe. Used plumber's sandpaper to clean the inside of the cap and end of the pipe. Used blowtorch to boil off water in pipe.

Used Leatherman file to remove lip caused by pipe cutter so cap would fit on easily. Applied flux to cap and pipe. Put cap on, heated with blowtorch, applied solder. Waited for it to cool.

Turned water on. Observed small leak. Damn. Stayed that way for a while. Usable with a bucket under it. Figured soot from cooking off water after cleaning was the problem. Wrong order.

So today I did it again, except cleaning the pipe was the last step. It's holding.

I'm thinking that the pipe that runs into the floor very close to where the water comes into the house may only go to this area of my house, where the plumbing is entirely unused, in which case it may be worthwhile to cut it off there, and drain the pipe in the floor. It sure would be nice to know where more of my plumbing goes.
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