I woke up to people saying they were shutting my power off, my house was going to be demolished

I woke up to people saying they were shutting my power off, my house was going to be demolished

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August 2011
I woke up to the sound of people talking outside my bedroom window, in my driveway. I can't tell you how incredibly unusual that is. I opened the window, said "hi". They said they were from the power company, and came out to shut my power off. I asked if they knew why. They said my house was going to be demolished. I said "What?! What?!" They said put some clothes on and come out and talk to me.

The entire conversation was all very friendly.

They said a company wanted my power disconnected because they were going to tear the house down. I asked who that company was in relation to the house. They said they owned it. I said I own this house, it's paid for. I guess it was the police officer who asked when I bought it, I said about 3 years ago (it was about 3.5 years ago). They asked if I had an electric bill, I said sure, ran inside and grabbed it. They were very surprised I had a bill in my name, and they were satisfied that I owned it, and said they wouldn't disconnect my power. I asked how this happened, they didn't know, and suggested I call the power company. I gave the police officer an inquisitive look, he just shrugged. They said the only thing that didn't match up was their work order had a different meter number than what my meter actually said. They couldn't find the meter number on my bill because they're not used to looking at bills. They said they had never seen this happen before.

So I called the number on my bill, meter number in hand. I found my correct meter number on my bill. They asked what my lot number was. I said I didn't understand the question. They said I had a lot number not a street number, which seemed weird. I told them this is a residential street, and they recognized what my actual address was. They asked me to wait on hold for a while.

My street was renumbered a couple years ago. I never updated the street number on my bill - the post office keeps delivering it to the right place, and it's been on autopay. The company listed as the owner of my house owns the new location with my old address. And since my account had that address listed, they just overwrote the ownership info with that company's. They're straightning it all out now.

I would have said this wasn't a particularly upsetting experience, except I now have my second cold sore since 2005. I'll still say I don't mind the experience - useful practice dealing with an unpleasant situation, and it went well, and quickly.

On my way to work I saw what I believe to be demolition of the correct address. Which you might imagine was very comforting.
  • ... Should we be keeping an eye out for the Vogon demolition of the Earth?

    Eek, dude.
  • What a weird mix-up. :/ Thanks for sharing!
  • good thing you were there to talk them out of it?
  • it's kind of frightening that they would have cut your power without notice like that.

    as well, the demolition people got the right house at least.

    would have been QUITE the entertainment if you found your house missing.

  • I was so hoping you'd end up laying in mud in front of a bulldozer at some point in this story. Nice to know they aren't going to tear down your house though.
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