I am really poorly equipped to keep Henry alive

I am really poorly equipped to keep Henry alive

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August 2011
Power went out. No problem, I'm prepared for this, right? I spent the whole time keeping Henry alive. Dorothy did actually die of complications of getting too cold.

I have two fire places and no fire wood. A kerosene (paraffin oil - did you know they were the same??) heater would be nice.

I haven't gotten a generator because I don't want to need one. I'm thinking I need to get a small one just for Henry.

Also, hauling buckets of water through the snow and woods from stream to flush my toilet would suck.

The sky lit up a few times before the power went out. It corresponded closely to brownouts. Somebody commented that lightning + snow was cool. It wasn't lightning, it was the power lines arcing.

I briefly wondered how the process of restoring electricity could be improved, then realized I definitely prefer living around people who can handle the grid going down for a while occasionally. Leave it off.

Most stores were closed. Big cardboard and marker sign in the window of the grocery store, "CLOSED". The weirdest was the gas station being closed. I don't... I've been completely unprepared for that. Shopping at the Walgreens with its power out was an interesting experience. All cash, I assume. Checked out with pen and paper. They had runners checking the prices for everything because they prices were only marked on the shelves. They had at least double the usual staff, including a guy standing by the door. Didn't hear any comments about me openly carrying.
  • sorry about Dorothy...

    mmm, don't they make some chemical heaters (charcoal based?) that put off enough heat for enough hours to keep a snake in an insulated box warm? don't know, just throwing that out there.

    also: i'd assume a car batter (or boat batter) plus a 12v heating pad might run for a LONG time without needing a generator. maybe. don't know. certainly one of those 1000W things with a heating pad or light bulb should run quite nicely. the 2000W ones run around $900, so i'm guessing the 1000W should be less and less.

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kerosene there's a bunch of different grades. some are more noxious than others.

    used to use classic kerosene for fire torches, but a lot of people use white gas now; and the fire spitters tend to use "ultra pure clear unscented lamp oil" which some sources refer to as liquid paraffin or mineral oil - but again, tricksie, because there's several kinds of those, and they're not all the same. confusing.

    flushing - well - in the past, i've gathered buckets of snow, and let it melt. water. if one had to haul it, well, you have to haul it. save it for the needfuls. otherwise, water a tree? :)

    yeah, the power lines arcing. had a bunch of that. also had actual lightning. there were a few BOOMs that were not from lightning though. plus the sounds of trees SNAPPING. wild stuff this last storm.

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