I figured out a good way to carry a headlamp on my belt

I figured out a good way to carry a headlamp on my belt

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August 2011
I learned long ago in a D&D game that every species that can't see in the dark really should carry a light source at all times. It took me until now to get a headlamp because I never figured out a sufficiently elegant way to carry one on my person.

The belt goes through the loop in the headband directly behind the lamp housing. Not the most convenient to get off my belt, but the best option I've come up with.

The pouches made for this seem way too bulky.

The headlamp is a Princeton Tec Tactical Quad.
(Zombie Squad thread.)

Now was that D&D game run by [info]kragar00 or [info]n_tropy?
  • Nice! Mine tends to be shoved in my little camelback backpack. I think I may have more use for it than most people, since I'm often biking, and occasionally in the dark.
    • http://www.turbocatusa.com might interest you if you bike in the city a lot...

      • Those look awesome. My dad is currently building a heandlebar headlight for me, so I think I'll hold off. :)
        • i have a set, and like them a lot. main purpose is/was trail riding at night, even when night was just 6pm on a warm fall evening ;p (hello northern sun)

          still, they can provide ideers for light hacking. be visible, please :)

  • i tend to loop one through a belt and then itself so i don't lose it, or wear it around my neck when out and about.

    i wonder for belt storage if running it around and down the belt and then rubber banding it would work out? have to play with that.

    there are days when a fully loaded gun/utility belt might be handy.

    oh, fenix makes an HL01? headlamp that is small, robust (so far) and uses ONE AA batery. sweet.

    otherwise, having a flashight on me is more a priority :)

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