Entertainment is very useful for indoor rowing.

Entertainment is very useful for indoor rowing.

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I finally got my computer and rower in the same place, and that doubled my endurance.

Getting mortally bored around the 20 minute mark really doesn't help. Even more significant, having nothing but a few numbers ticking by and the sensations you're feeling in your body to pay attention to makes it a lot harder to tolerate the slight discomfort of endurance exercise for long periods of time.

I went from barely managing 30 minutes once recently, to doing an hour. Twice.

I don't think I'm anywhere near qualifying for "anorexia athletica" or "compulsive exercising". And I probably monitor my rate of weight loss closer than just about everybody - my percentage loss per week is graphed right along with the rolling average of my daily weights, and 1% per week is good.

Several days ago I asked [info]cathijosephine "Do you dislike artificial sweeteners as much as I do?"
She responded "Almost. It's hard to be as zealous about anything as you."

A link I should've included in my last post: Research showing that doing acts of kindness can help your depression.

Oh, part of my recent improvements has been not using my computer at home. It was off for over a week, until I moved it last night. I had been spending way too much of my life in front of it.
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