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"In Mali and Guinea the local music industry has released hundreds of cassettes of traditional and modern music to an adoring public, but one genre of music is conspicuously absent: drumming. There are virtually no local cassettes of jembe drumming available. Drumming is not for listening; it is for dancing." - A Guide to the Jembe

"You need to be straight so you can breathe when you playing the drum. You don't play the drum like this, like that. You need to be straight to balance everything so the sound can come out from you to make people dance."

"When you playing the drum you don't need to think, you just need to have fun with the drum. And when you have fun, you make people dance. If you like it, other people will like it too. So take your drum, and play it. And don't forget, don't play your drum just to show people you can play it. It's to heal yourself, because rhythm heal the body when you play it."

- Jan Sebon, How to Play African Drums

There are tears of joy on my face from this stuff. I need to find some drum circles again. Any suggestions?
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