It's IPv6 day

It's IPv6 day

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The internet had been using IPv4 (Internet Protocol version 4) addresses, of which there were about 4 billion. We ran out of IPv4 addresses in January. IPv6 supports "approximately 340 undecillion" addresses, but is problematic to switch to. So large scale testing is happening today.

My personal server is all set up for IPv6. My home ISP, Comcast, is doing "IPv6 technical trials", but they stopped accepting new participants before I noticed. (I'm largely using Comcast due to lack of options.)

IPv4 address of my server:
IPv6 address of my server: 2001:470:1f05:1b8a::1
  • approximately 340 undecillion

    That's, what, 3.4×1038? Given that there's 1080 atoms in the universe, do they really think that's enough?
    • My server had one IP address. When I signed up for IPv6, I didn't have an option to get any fewer than 2^64 (~10^19) addresses. I'm still only using one of them.
      • You know, given this context, rudimentary knowledge of IPv6 address notation makes most addresses ending in ::1 (including ::1 itself as localhost) rather amusing, in the sense of one server sitting there by itself in a sea of one square (IPv4) Internet's IP addresses.
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