Fixed my stuck Dewalt drill chuck with a hammer and PB Blaster

Fixed my stuck Dewalt drill chuck with a hammer and PB Blaster

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This is apparently a common problem. I left my drill in an area that was humid for a while, and the chuck froze.
  1. Turn chuck as hard as you can (by hand) in the "open" direction.
  2. Fill tip, and both ends of chuck with PB Blaster.
  3. Lightly tap tip in a little with hammer.
  4. Repeat until you get jaws most of the way in.
  5. Work jaws open and closed, tapping with hammer when necessary, and occasionally adding PB Blaster. This is the long and important part.
Be careful to keep PB Blaster out of the motor.

This is apparently a common problem. I don't know how much credit to give to PB Blaster - I suspect it would work with any other light lubricant, but this seems to be exactly the kind of thing this product was made for.

I expected the action to end up feeling kind of gritty in the end, but after lots of opening and closing it feels about as good as new.

I would have tried pulling the chuck off, which looks pretty easy, except this appears to be the only brand of drills in the world that uses a torx bit I don't have instead of a flathead.

I'm sure this problem is due to use of tool / carbon steel, instead of stainless steel. And I honestly don't think there's a reason to change it. Tool / carbon steels are more durable, in ways that seem likely to be necessary in a drill chuck. And it turns out the problem is entirely fixable.
  • even stainless rusts, or at least corrodes enough to be annoying.

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