Survival bread

Survival bread

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I was looking for a recipe for imitation Soylent Green, and found Logan Trail Bread. It was created for a 1950 expedition up Mt. Logan in Alaska to be "indestructible, high-energy and nutritious".

This reminds me of Ezekiel Bread, a "Biblical Formula... food scientists have... found to be surprisingly complete in nutrients..." "A similar diet sustained the prophet Ezekiel for 390 days." Buckets of the grains and beans used in this seem like a fun way to store food.

And of course Elven lembas from the Lord of the Rings.

Lembas may have been inspired by hardtack, a "flour, water, and sometimes salt" biscuit "used for sustenance in the absence of perishable foods, commonly during long sea voyages and military campaigns." "...it would stay intact for years as long as it was kept dry." Sailor Boy brand Pilot Bread is a currently produced form of hardtack, apparently popular among Alaskans and people interested in long term food storage.
  • That reminds me of the tin of Survival Biscuits I used to own. Hermetically sealed, they had an apparently indefinite shelf life. They were from an old Civil Defense bomb shelter, circa 1960. Still "edible" when we opened the can and tried them 30 years later...
    • Thanks, I had forgotten about that use. I just remembered the drums of water and the candy with carcinogenic dye.
  • don't forget pemmican :)

    i have a recipe for a veggie version that should probably keep a long time (honey kills bad stuff, mostly)...

    a meat version would be ... hardy. i believe they have found caches of the stuff, 100+ years old. still... edible. well, non poisonous ;)

    • 1:1 ratio of dried powdered meat and fat. Nice, thanks. Huh, there are at least three companies mass producing a meat form.
    • You know, this seems like the perfect answer to the problem of how to combine a paleo diet with food storage :)
      Yeah, I really had no idea about meat storage. Even though my mom had a dehydrator and made jerky.

      Nice pair of videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ywBwUiq5v4o

      "Pemmican is a wonderful fuel source, especially for those of us who eat only meat."

      Hahah, awesome.
      • Oh, for those unfamiliar, if you only eat lean meat, you die of "rabbit starvation" (that's pretty much its definition). Meat + fat you can survive on.
        • meat + fat + organs and in some cases, stomach contents...

          ie: whole lemmings, raw even.

          scurvy can be an issue too.

          you generally need the whole beastie less nerves and filters (esp these days).

      • i'll check that out in a bit.

        usually, they mix something else in there, like blueberries or cranberries, perhaps esp to provide some missing nutrients (vitamin C)

        i should try some of what's out there :)

        as well, some of the MRE type things out there... i'm sure SOMEONE has made "meal complete" packages, that are shelf stable (radiated?) for decades. i'd settle for "survive a month in a hot car" :)

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