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Last night I heard on the radio that Bahrain troops attacked mostly sleeping, peaceful protesters, with teargas and bird-shot at close range (shotgun, many tiny pellets). Several killed, a bunch wounded. It seemed reasonably possible to me. But not to [info]cathijosephine. I find it a very interesting example of our substantially differing perspectives. And we've still been together for five years. (Neither of us claims to know anything about Bahrain.)

Update: The first video on this page is what I heard on the radio: http://www.channel4.com/news/protesters-killed-as-police-storm-bahrain-demonstration-camp
  • Wow.... It seems possible to me too. Although, it seems reasonably possible had it happened in the UK or France or Germany or China or Japan or Idaho, too.
    • Isn't it fascinating to try to imagine having that kind of faith in the basic decency of governments?

      Adds insight into how she can get upset about my belief that guns are important.
  • possible that a govt would attack citizens? happens here all the time.

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