Don't you hate when you forget your phone on your engine?

Don't you hate when you forget your phone on your engine?

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Removed dead headlight bulb from car.

Drove out of parking garage into alley, turned onto street.

Realized I should double check that I had my phone on me and hadn't left it on my engine after using it for illumination. Failed to find it.

Stopped. Turned on blinkers. Checked pockets, coat pockets, and passenger seat several times.

Looked under hood. Looked on road back to the garage.

Drove carefully around the block, back into the garage. Looked under hood.

Found my phone on some kind of ledge that may be the back of the bumper. Entirely intact.

Replaced bulb.
  • I once discovered the cordless phone of the mechanic who'd worked on my car under the hood several weeks after I'd had it serviced.
  • "drove to target and bought $10 LED flashlight - priceless!" :)

    saw a laptop on the side of the road.

    didn't look intact enough to be worth stopping to retrieve.

    have found a few phone though, most worked, and was able to return them :>

    • Yeah. I don't know where my latest awesome flashlight went. And my key fob flashlight is disassembled and waiting for new batteries and probably lost its screws.
  • Very glad the phone was OK!
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