[geek] Failure to communicate

[geek] Failure to communicate

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A developer asked a question implying that he held a belief directly conflicting with a major design feature of the relevant software.

I asked how he managed to not be aware of that design feature so long, in spite of an architecture page and diagrams clearly indicating it.

He replied:
sorry i did not believe it was real :D

<carli> is a compositor in wayland an external prog via socket?

<Darxus> carli: How have you spent so much time in this channel and still believed that the compositor might be an external program connected via a socket? The first link on the wayland web page makes it clear that not having the compositor as a separate application is a significant feature of wayland: http://wayland.freedesktop.org/architecture.html

<carli> Darxus: sorry i did not believe it was real :D
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