How far spammers will go

How far spammers will go

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The complaint details how Mizhen and his affiliates allegedly manipulated the statistics that Microsoft's anti-spam system relies on by creating millions of new email accounts and then moving up to 200,000 of their own messages a day from "junk" files into inboxes.
- mediapost.com
  • it's a shame we can't just find their data centers, and nuke them from orbit with the alien weapons we know the govt has ;)

    mmm. there's a thought. since SOMEONE is writing those highly targeted virus things, perhaps someday, they'll take on the spammers :)

    also, i would like junk snail mail stopped, and political callers to die a painful death.

    • It certainly would help if spamming were punishable by death.

      By anyone.

      Which highly targeted virus things are you referring to?

      • stuxnet? something that apparently gets on a windoze PC, scans it for certain things, and leaves "soonish" if not found, not doing anything, no zombie nets/etc. if it does find what it wants, some kind of industrial controller, esp used in iraq nuke sites, it does *something* to the controller... exploits 4-5 zero day vulnerabilites to do it as well.

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