Audio chat

Audio chat

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Audio chat me via jabber (which includes google talk): darxus@chaosreigns.com.

I think it would be great fun to be audio chatting with all of you all the time. Not talking with each of you constantly, but always within ear shot. So you could raise your name to say my voice, I could notice, and raise your volume slider to talk to you.

A microphone costs about $5 at microcenter.

I also have video chat set up and have been wanting to try it. It works automatically under linux these days.

The chat client I'm using is empathy, which is now ubuntu's default chat client.

You're also welcome to come over and actually hang out in person. At least those of you on my friends list.
  • as if websites that play music or have spoken narrators/announcers arn't bad enough...
    • I very rarely have that problem with flashblock (which is available for chrome now).
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