An article I like on cholesterol.

An article I like on cholesterol.

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Basically, instead of taking meds (which do the wrong thing), eat less processed carbs (refined sugars, white flower, white rice), "...primal nutrition fits the bill: copious amounts and variety of veggies, fruits, good quality meats, healthy fats and proteins."
  • ;-D

    As I'd mentioned before, I've seen support for everything this guys says. I'm totally following that advice.
    • Yeah, I think it's basically what I read in the past.

      Also: High fructose corn syrup is evil.
  • This.

    What I came up with on my own, and called a caveman diet, and what more people are calling "paleo" diet.
  • Eating better is always good advice, but a site smells to me like a fad diet advocate. The tendency to bash medication that has been shown very effective in treating cholesterol is worrying.
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