Internet in my pants...

Internet in my pants...

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Before wireless networking, I wanted very much to play with TCP/IP over ham radio (AX.25). It was very limited.

I don't know if I would have predicted that today I would be walking around with my mass produced phone and $35 per month unlimited data plan wasting bandwidth streaming music over the internet, through the included stereo headset, with which I can also answer or make a calls.

Shouldn't be too much longer before I can mostly stop using the keyboard on my phone.
  • And yet... no flying cars or anti-gravity.
  • What do you think will replace the keyboard? More robust menus? OCR? Voice recognition?
    • Voice recognition.


      You can do quite a lot with that probably with any current Windows Mobile phone. I can only dial by name, and launch any application with mine (maybe 3 years old).
      • Have you seen the Swype stuff? I've only seen the commercials, so I don't know how user friendly or accurate it is. But it's an interesting concept. I wonder if it will catch on.

        I have trouble wrapping my head around voice recognition completely replacing keyboard. I'm getting to the point where I type faster than I talk. Granted, I've never been cutting edge...
  • My friends' father was (and still is) a Ham radio user. I remember him experimenting with AX.25 ... he said it was slow as hell, but one of those things that fell under "interesting technology" at the time.

    I know I never predicted the Internet on phones, or even the emergence of WiFi in general. (Despite the fact WiFi is actually not as new as people think. 802.11 itself has been around since 1997. I never remember even hearing about it until 2001-2002, something like that.)

    Though I'm not sure I want to give up using a keyboard, at least not for entry of a lot of data at once. It seems like any technology that could replace keyboards is not yet accurate enough to do so. Regardless of that, I type faster than I can talk or write (for OCR) in a lot of cases, I think.
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