Ordered computer upgrade

Ordered computer upgrade

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Motherboard, CPU, and RAM (because they got fried by my house) and a case because I felt like it.
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  • How do you plan to flash the BIOS to support the CPU? Do you have a spare, older CPU you can use temporarily?
    • I'm getting an updated BIOS chip from ASUS. Not exactly sure how that works, but it starts by contacting tech support and getting a ticket number, and then getting transferred to the voicemail box of people who can send it. Far less infuriating than I expected so far, really.
      • Ah, gotcha. I completely missed the "Up to date BIOS can be ordered from ASUS." in the description.

        Anyway, sounds great! I'm liking Intel lately, although that's a good price for the CPU. Also, I love the P183 that I got last November. It was a bit of a pain to route all the cabling behind the motherboard tray and still get the side back on, but it probably helped tremendously that I got their power supply with it.

        • Yeah, I fought with my P180 for enough years. And then when this computer died, and I tried replacing the power supply, the 4 pin motherboard cable didn't reach, and I was done.

          I don't know if I told you: The power supply fan is not enough to also keep the hard drives cool :P

          But my CPU ducting worked out great.
        • Also, tell me again what the reason is for the inconvenient upside down layout?

          Acoustic and thermal isolation sounds fun, but why?

          And why didn't they flip the motherboard upside down too?
          • Acoustic and thermal isolation sounds fun, but why?

            I'll just guess here: It was part of their design decision for making a quiet case. This way, rather than having the power supply fan have to pull hot air from the CPU through itself, it just has to cool itself (and any hard drives you place in the bottom chamber with it). The CPU and anything attached to the motherboard (like the video card) can be handled by the big, slow fans they put up in the corner of the case. All the fans have to work less, and slower fan speeds mean less noise.

            And why didn't they flip the motherboard upside down too?

            I'd imagine that cooking the GPU would have been a much bigger problem with that design, especially with passively-cooled video cards, which somebody who cares about noise is more likely to get, (as is this case). (I got this monster, myself. The thing is so long, it almost doesn't fit in this case. Strangely, the price hasn't dropped since last November.) The hot air from the CPU would have to travel past all the expansion cards to exit (or else go through some intrusive duct work, further limiting the motherboards and CPU HSFs it can work with). As it is, you pretty much just have to worry about the power supply, and that's it.

            I don't know if I told you: The power supply fan is not enough to also keep the hard drives cool :P

            Odd. I've had no problems so far. Of course, it's not my main machine, and I have only one hard drive in it, and I got their power supply (CPX form factor, so it's non-standard, unfortunately, but it's got a full-size fan that pulls air straight through it), so maybe all that has something to do with it.

            Perhaps our different experiences have to do with the different revisions we got (mine had three rounds of refinements more than yours, remember) or the different expectations we had going in (I expected things to suck little bit and was pleasantly surprised).
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