I hate this cellphone choice.

I hate this cellphone choice.

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Windows phone, $300 + $35 / month.
Linux phone, $100 + $70 / month.

The only reason I can't use the cheap unlimited data plan I currently have with the Linux phone is because Sprint is trying to get people off that cheap plan.

Suggestions? I'm also interested in prices of plans including unlimited data from other providers.

Linux phone is the Samsung Moment, running Google Android. The Windows phone is an HTC Touch Pro2, a very direct decedent of my dead HTC Mogul, which I've been quite happy with. But, Linux.

Both plans are basically the same. Unlimited data with a small number of voice minutes I never go over. Neither includes tethering.

Both phones have a slide out keyboard and large touch screen, which I'm currently considering requirements. (Yes, I know the touch screen keyboards with predictive typing are great, as long as you're not programming.)

I figure the more expensive plan will work out to costing me more at about 6 months. Two year contract. I need to get a phone soon.
  • Verizon

    $70/month for just voice (450 minutes but no text msgs) + $30/month unlimited data.
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