Very long threaded U-bolts?

Very long threaded U-bolts?

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Where can I get U-bolts with threads long enough to go through a 4x4 and still have enough left over for a nut and a lock-nut both above and below the 4x4? I'm thinking 5/8". Doesn't need to be wide, 2" pipe size would be fine. Bigger is only relevant as far as cost.

They just seem more fun than eye bolts.

The application is hanging a human from the center of my living room ceiling.

2x6" joists with 16" centers.

Something like this:

A pair of 6' long 4x4"s spanning 4 joists, with 2x4s or something under them for spacing, and then another 4x4 attached to the bottom of both of those running parallel to the joists, to get the bottom of the last 4x4 flush with the existing ceiling, and run a pair of U-bolts through that last 4x4 near the 4x4s it's attached to. And add some bracing between the last 4x4 and joists, and between neighbouring joists.
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