Linode.com is awesome, again.

Linode.com is awesome, again.

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Linode is my (Linux) virtual hosting provider.

I had a bizarre problem. One that I know involves trying to do something in a way nobody else does.

I just got a response to my Support Ticket starting with "I've been researching this for a few hours...".

This falls well into the category of "above and beyond".

The problem was using "_" in DNS A record names, with my server as master, and theirs as slaves. I was getting a "REJECT", now I'm not. I'm not sure what changed, but I'm sure as hell glad I copied and pasted the command and output with the "REJECT" into the support ticket.

(Update: Support just noticed, from my initial ticket, that I was doing a lookup on the wrong record name.)

Rejecting DNS records just because of the contents of their name turns out to be in violation of RFC 2181, section 11.

While the name of an A record is usually the a host name, and host names are not allowed to contain underscores, there seems to be no requirement that the name of an A record contain a host name. And the records I'm trying to use are, in fact, not host names.

Also, RFC 1101 specifies the use of A records to define netmasks.

DNS records with underscores in their names are often used to differentiate from host names for these reasons. But at the moment I'm leaning toward not using the underscores because of these implementation difficulties.

There has been lots of progress on MTX: http://www.chaosreigns.com/mtx/
Please test.

Linode provides me with a virtual host, which behaves like an entire computer to myself, running Linux. Not being responsible for the hardware is nice, and comes with remote rebooting (via SSH and HTTP). I have been very happily using them for 3 years. They provide disk images for 8 different Linux distributions.
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